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                Common Parts Cleaning

                Service Place - Common Parts Cleaners in London are specialist in cleaning and property maintenance based in London. We provide commercial window cleaning, cladding and office cleaning services throughout London and the Home Counties.

                To meet your needs we offer a comprehensive range of cleaning and property maintenance services.

                Our operatives are fully trained in all appropriate cleaning techniques and work within the safety guidelines and requirements.

                Where pressure or steam cleaning is not appropriate, we will advise you of and provide the suitable cleaning solution.

                If you own or manage a commercial building our highly experienced staff can advise you on the most effective means of cleaning your property.

                Using specialised ladders (BSEN-150-5002 approved) we can access windows up to a height of 6 metres and we use lambs wool pads and squeegees for an immaculate finish. Should ladders be the only way to access the building you can rest assured that all of our ladders have been fitted with anti-slip safety devises, and all operatives have been trained to use them safely?

                We offer a complete range of methods for window, cladding and surface cleaning and will advise as to the most appropriate method in each circumstance.

                Water-fed poles

                This method is by far the safest and most effective method of cleaning windows developed and is recognised by operators and clients alike, as the future industry standard. Service Place - Window Cleaning Services have been using this system for 5 years, and continue to invest in the latest developments in this field, ensuring that our clients are given the best possible service. We can access windows up to 65 feet safely, working from the ground.

                When we arrive on site we carry a supply of 100% pure water, sufficient to provide 5 hours continuous working for 2 operators. We are also equipped to top up our supplies on site, should the job require it.

                The advantages of water-fed poles are:

                • Fully complies with health & safety regulations.
                • Environmentally friendly, as only pure water is used.
                • No chemicals or detergents are required.
                • Reaches previously inaccessible windows.
                • Minimal disturbance to building occupants.

                Specialised Ladders providing access up to a height of 6m, Water-fed poles where obstructions make the use of ladders impossible and for access over 10m.

                We at Service Place - Window Cleaning Services have developed a good reputation for high quality work to give the best results but saving you money.

                We can offer any of our services on a regular or one-off contract schedule, such as gutter cleaning, patio cleaning, maintenance and window cleaning. For a no-obligation quote on your contract cleaning requirements, please contact us.

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