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                Our Prices

                London Window Cleaning Prices

                In the London area there are many different types of properties. You can get dozens different quotes from window cleaning companies for the same property but we at Service Place , are interested only in the number of windows and height of the windows.

                We keep our pricing structure simple and the prices low as possible.

                In the majority of the cases (residential window and gutter cleaning) we will be able to give an instant quotation by e-mail.

                How we can do this?

                Because of the length of time we have been in business we are able to estimate the job just by providing us with simple description- house, flat, semi, terrace, detached, number of windows and floors. Please provide us with as much of the above information as possible when you are requesting a quote.

                London Gutter Cleaning Prices

                For our gutter cleaning service we only need the length of the guttering requiring cleaning and how many floors are in the building. We charge £3 per meter or £1 per foot. For gutter cleaning we have a minimum charge of £40.

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